Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 2011 - VL Platinum Spin Series

This is a campaign that I designed for the Video Lottery Platinum Spin Series which focused on a variety of games. The illustrations were created by Portland illustrator, Tyson Mangelsdorf. I enjoyed the creative process of working with him. I initially provided rough sketches of what I had in mind for the projects. He then created a refined sketch. After making adjustments to the refined sketch, he created the color illustration. We then made slight adjustments to the color illustration and he transferred the files to me. I took the files and adapted them to multiple formats, making slight adjustments to color and layout of the illustration elements as needed.
With the Lead to Gold poster, I had the opportunity to work on a lenticular project. The poster will transition from the man having his hands down to having an explostion with his hands up. The texture treatment of the logo will transition from lead to gold.

Lotus Flower

Game of Dragons

Lead to Gold

March 2011 - Aloha Scratch-it Series

These are two tickets that I designed for the Alaska Airlines "Aloha Scratch-it Series."

March 2011 - Keno Spot Campaign

Behind the scenes at the photoshoot. (Debbie the trainer, Patrick the photographer's assistant, Todd the photographer, Debbie the owner and Izza the talent)

Izza was such a well-trained, sweet dog to work with.

Above is what the backlit sign looks like in a dark setting. This was such a rewarding campaign to work on. Everywhere from concepting the idea, to the photoshoot, to putting the design together. I was really satisfied with the results.

March 2011 - Oregon Wins 2011

2011 Calendar

OWINS Scholarship Check

OWINS 2011 Brochure Tri-fold (Inside flap, Back, & Front)

OWINS 2011 Brochure Tri-fold (Inside)

Presentation Banner

Promotional Vehicle Vinyl Decal

The 2011 Oregon Wins campaign has been able to extend to several designs. My favorite include the 2011 Calendar and the Tri-fold Brochure. I was able to have a UV gloss coating printed to highlight certain areas of the design. The results were very dynamic.

Feb 2011 - Apple Cupcakes

These are some cupcakes that I created for a co-worker's birthday. It was my first time experimenting with fondant...and I LOVE it!!! It is so flexible to work with and at the same time holds form so well when you cut out a shape. I also got to use edible metallic dusting glitter for this project.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept 2010 - Lottery in stores now!

Here are two of my Lottery campaigns that are in stores during September. The square poster is for Raffle. The large poster is promoting the scratch-it ticket "Amazing Race."

August 2010 - SITKA Workshop

Our class instructor was the fun, talented, & Swedish Kicki Mathsem.
We learned various ways to imprint onto ceramics. All of the techniques were new to me, and I am looking forward to exploring them further.
Here are the results of my low tech printmaking on ceramics 3-day workshop that I took at SITKA in August. More can be found here on Flickr: